How to plan for the perfect retirement #2 Pride & Prejudice


If you hail from the baby boomer generation, you may want to sell up and travel the world, or stay put in their family home and to live independently as long as possible. You may even be opposed the idea of moving to a retirement village based on your own ingrained prejudices and preconceptions of what retirement homes look like.  Today’s retirement villages are a far cry from the institutionalised hospital-based old age homes of the past, so you may be pleasantly surprised.  Many – like those in the Evergreen Lifestyle portfolio – offer spacious upmarket homes in pristine, professionally managed estates, along with hotel-like catering and hospitality, resort-style facilities and amenities, and world class healthcare.   

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  1. Where would you like to live?
  2. Pride & Prejudice
  3. Letting go of the past
  4. Vulnerability to Crime
  5. Prevention is better than Cure
  6. Health Matters
  7. Aging in Place
  8. Loss of dignity
  9. Loneliness and isolation
  10. Fear of outliving your retirement funds
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At Evergreen Lifestyle we’re committed to ensuring that retirement is a happy and fulfilling chapter of one’s life. We have been working with the Life Right purchase model since 2008, and believe that we understand it better than most.

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