How to plan for the perfect retirement #1 Where would you like to live?


When it comes to deciding on where to settle in retirement, your options are as follows:

  • Stay where you are
  • Sell your family home and either purchase or rent a smaller property in an apartment block, sectional title development, or retirement village.
  • Move in with, or closer to, family

If you are strongly opposed to the notion of relocating to a retirement village, you will need to consider the practical and financial implications of staying put in the family home.  Cooking, cleaning and gardening all get much more difficult as we age, and keeping up with home maintenance can be both onerous and costly.  The chances are, you’ll need to deal with rust, rising damp, leaking roofs, and rotting timber frames, or replace worn carpets and curtains, all of which will make a substantial dent in already tight budgets. Many think that staying put is the most cost-effective way to retire, but the costs of maintaining a property – both financial and otherwise – soon mount up, and those big bills will be a reality for many years to come.

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