Financial Peace of Mind

The model offers many advantages, notably:
  • Affordable and flexible purchase options, tailored to your financial circumstances.
  • Reduced upfront costs (no transfer duty or VAT).
  • Flexible services designed to suit your pocket and your needs.
  • The Life Right purchase model confers the right of occupation for the remainder of your and your spouse’s life.
  • You own the Life Right as an asset in your estate.
  • Levies and operating costs are transparent and affordable, allowing forward-planning based on predictable costs.

There has been a shift internationally towards the Life Right purchase model, referred to as a “right of occupation” in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Life Right provides security of tenure for life.

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Financial confidence and sustainability are key considerations in choosing an Evergreen Lifestyle. Our promise of freedom from financial worries is embedded in our life rights agreement.


Evergreen remains the owner of the property and carries the responsibility of village management, maintenance, services and security in perpetuity.