Western Cape

  • Testimonial

    John & Jill Morgan, Muizenberg

    “Our biggest fear about growing old was that we’d be a burden to our children, so our move here was more about taking the worry off their shoulders. They live overseas, and they’re always concerned about our health and safety. We knew when we moved to Evergreen that we’d be well looked after because of the exceptional healthcare facilities, and that we’d also be more safe and secure than we were living on our own in a big house. So it all worked according to plan – they’re very happy that we’re here, and so are we!”

  • Testimonial

    Sophia McKeller

    “I've been here for four years and I've never looked back. People seem to cling to things, afraid to make a mind shift or to move from what they know. You have to make a leap of faith – I did and I can really recommend it. I have been so happy here and there’s always so much to do – there’s the library, the pool, the gym, movie nights, walkabouts, bus tours. Strangers become friends. There’s never a dull moment. If you open your front door there is always someone to chat to. The company of other people here is wonderful.”

  • Testimonial

    Vernon and Ann Sutherland

    “We have been here for eight years and it is definitely the best move we ever made. The friendships that we have formed and the community spirit that has been developed is integral to the way of life that we have become used to leading. ”