The critical importance of care


We are ever mindful of the roles that care plays in our villages, and we are always delighted to receive reports, e-mails and phone calls from residents who have benefitted from the care of others. Receiving care serves to remind us that we are valued, and goes to an essential human need and right – to be cared for. And where health care is concerned, the availability of care – should you need it – brings reassurance and considerable peace of mind.

You may be in good health but rest assured, you know not what tomorrow holds and neither do I. Yet, we are able to look ahead with confidence knowing that whatever the future holds, we will be well cared for. Last month we featured the popular, learned and erudite Professor de Villiers’s achievements following a chat with him in our Frail Care Centre in Muizenberg. Prof is a resident of Evergreen Bergvliet, whose residents are thrilled to have him back. Here are excerpts of what he had to say.

“I was aware of the facility in Muizenberg and was admitted there on 15 February 2017. My first impression was a pleasant one on account of the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff and the neat and orderly appearance of the hospital. Here particularly of the wards. This has also been commented on by relatives and visiting friends. The room service and organisation is excellent and my contact with my physiotherapist has been very good and we work together well.” Prof de Villiers also offered us valuable suggestions to improve the running of the facility!
Lastly, I was amused at the report I received from Elize Porter, M.D of Unique Health, who said: “On my previous visit to Cape Town, I had a Medical doctor, Dr Cele (who works for Parliament) viewing the Care center one night: he had a chat to a patient, Mrs. Prevost, and her words to him were, “this is like the Hilton Hotel –we get the best service from everyone.” Thumbs up to Unique Health. We really value our partnership with them.