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Partnership for Life: Sense of Community


At Evergreen, we’re committed to partnering with our residents at every stage of the retirement journey. We call it our Partnership for Life promise and one of the most important pillars of this partnership is the sense of community we’re passionate about fostering in our villages. 

What does community at Evergreen look like?
Firm friendships lie at the heart of our fun-loving communities and residents are encouraged to spend time connecting with one another whether that’s at our regular games evenings, watching big matches together, or simply enjoying a chat over a good cup of coffee. At Evergreen Lifestyle Villages, our communities are never be short of things to do, or people to do them with.

How do we foster this sense of community?
At the heart of each village is a state-of-the-art Lifestyle Centre where residents are invited to bond over shared interests at the many clubs, societies that meet on a regular basis. These beautifully designed spaces are warm and welcoming and typically include a lounge area, bistro, bar, library, games room and entertainment area – everything required to foster authentic community. The Lifestyle Centres also provide the perfect settings for the many social events and gatherings that take place throughout the year.

Added to this, each village has a team of friendly, caring staff committed to ensuring that our residents are always well taken care of, feel included in village life, and have everything they need to flourish. If you’d like to find out more about our Partnership for Life promise or our villages, get in touch with Sharon on 087 808 7000.