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I first became involved with the Evergreen Lifestyle retirement group in 2009, a year after its first village was established at Muizenberg in the Western Cape. And, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past 10 years, it’s that those who have chosen to spend their retirement in one of our estates have only done so when they are entirely ready to make the change.

We understand that committing your retirement savings to purchasing a Life Right at one of our villages is a huge decision. We also understand that while you may have reached a point where staying in your family home has become a burden, and you’re thinking that a retirement village may be the solution, there may be a few things still holding you back. Perhaps you’re not certain you’ll be able to afford the move or, you don’t have the buy-in of your friends and family – some of your friends may be skeptical about the move, or one of your children has a negative perception around ‘old age homes’.

Buying into a retirement village is not simply about buying and selling. It’s also about learning to let go of your current way of life, leaving your memory-filled family home behind, putting yourself through the uncertainty of a purchase and move, and navigating a new beginning. While none of these challenges is easy to deal with, putting your head in the sand and doing nothing is also not the answer.

That’s why, when you’re investigating the benefits of an Evergreen Life Right, we understand that when you say, “I’m not ready yet,” you’re not saying that you don’t see the value in what we offer – a strong sense of community, physical security, financial peace of mind, and continuous care – you’re saying, “ I haven’t ticked all the boxes that are going to make me feel completely comfortable about this purchase, just yet”.

If you’re thinking about buying with us, rest assured that our in-house sales team has walked the journey with many potential buyers over the past 10 years and is committed to helping you understand your needs and addressing your concerns so that if you decide to make an Evergreen Lifestyle Village your home, you do it with complete confidence. In my experience, many of our residents say they wish they had made the move sooner!

If you’re ready to take the next step with us, please call Sharon on 087 808 7000 or email us at info@evergreenlifestyle.co.za – we’d love to share our Partnership for Life promise with you.