How to transition into retirement


When you’ve been in a career for most of your life, it can be unnerving to find yourself facing retirement. It will take time to adjust to this next period of life, and it may be helpful to think about the opportunities it brings with it. Here are a few ways to ease into your retirement and make positive changes for this new chapter.

1. Create a new routine
You’re used to getting up and heading to work in the morning, but what will your routine look like once you’re retired? If you prefer a sense of structure and stability, try to create a new routine that works for you. For example, you could set aside some time each morning to stretch or take the dog for a walk, while in the evenings you could create a relaxing routine that you enjoy – whether that’s having a hot shower or curling up with a good book before bedtime. You could also schedule exercise sessions each week and organise social meet-ups, like coffee with friends or a regular bridge game.

2. Continue to work in some capacity
If you’d like to carry on using the knowledge and experience you’ve built up over the years, you could consider working in a slightly different capacity. For example, if the opportunity is available to you, you could think about doing some consulting work for a few hours each week or acting as a mentor to someone close to you.

3. Consider volunteering
Alternatively, if you’d like to close the chapter on your traditional work life but would still like to be involved in something meaningful, why not explore volunteer opportunities in your community. Whether you’re interested in working with animals, would like to get involved with a literacy programme, or are keen to make a difference in an underprivileged community, it’s incredibly rewarding to give back in an area you feel passionate about.

4. Get moving
This is the perfect time to take up a new physical activity or join an exercise class. Not sure what form of exercise to do? Try out a few activities until you find one you really enjoy, whether that’s walking, swimming, aqua aerobics or Pilates. Exercise has great mind and body benefits, and if you choose to work up a sweat in a group, it’s also a wonderful way to meet people and make new friends. At Evergreen, most of our villages offer various exercise facilities. If you’re a resident and would like to find out more, chat to your village manager about the activities available in your community.