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How to make your home cosy for winter


As the weather turns colder, it’s worth making a few changes to your décor to give your living areas a warm and cosy feel. Here are three quick and easy ways to do just that.

1. Bring in some blankets

Add some warmth to couches and occasional chairs by placing one or two folded blankets on seats or draping them over the arms. Along with helping to create inviting spaces to sit and relax, blankets are an easy way to add texture and colour – and what better way to spend a cold evening than curled up under one while watching your favourite series.

2. Change your scatter cushions

If you’d like to bring in new colours for winter, consider purchasing some new scatter cushions. They can transform the look and feel of a room, add softness and texture, and make your space more comfortable. Scatter cushions are a great way to change up your décor for a new season, as you can simply pack them away and bring them out as you need them.

3. Use warm, subtle lighting

While you can hopefully enjoy soft winter sunlight in your home during the day, how can you use lighting to keep your home cosy at night? Lamps are a great way to introduce soft, warm lighting to your space, and lampshades provide another opportunity to complement and enhance your overall décor.

Finally, if you love reading in the evenings, pick a spot – whether that’s your favourite chair or your side of the couch – to bring all these elements together. Add a blanket and soft cushion for comfort, a lamp for good light, and a side table to place your book and cup of tea or coffee, and you have a relaxing space to spend a few hours before bed.