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Helping parents deal with the fears of aging


As your parents grow older, it’s likely that they will find themselves facing one or more of the four common fears associated with aging: vulnerability to crime and violence, outliving retirement funds, loss of dignity and isolation and loneliness.At Evergreen Lifestyle, we’ve made it our business to address all four directly through our Partnership for Life promise which delivers physical security, financial peace of mind, continuous care and sense of community. Here’s how.

Fear #1 Vulnerability to crime and violence
Physical security is our number one priority and we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that the security at our villages is world class. Each village has perimeter walls, electric fencing and CCTV cameras ensuring strict access control at all times, while state-of-the-art security control rooms are manned and monitored 24 hours a day. In addition, regular external safety and security audits are carried out by independent consultants to identify where and when upgrades and improvements are required. 

Fear #2 Outliving retirement funds
Thanks to the Evergreen Life Right, your parents can accurately plan their financial future and ensure that their savings are able to support them throughout their retirement years. 

Our Life Right offers them a safe, secure home for the rest of their lives, flexible pricing options, reduced upfront costs – there’s no transfer duty, VAT or registration fee linked to a life right – and transparent monthly levies. What’s more, there are no special levies as Evergreen carries all the costs associated with the upkeep of the village and major capital expenditure. 

Finally, should your parents ever facing a financial crisis at any point during their retirement, Evergreen is able to release a portion of their capital, in the event of a financial emergency, to help them fund levies and Care Centre costs. In this instance, the capital due to their estate would be adjusted accordingly.

Fear #3 Loss of dignity
At Evergreen, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality healthcare with dignity. Registered, experienced nurses and therapists are available at our on-site Care Centres and offer a wide range of health-related services, including regular clinics, occupational therapy, home-based care, 24-hour nursing and recuperative care, frail care and palliative care. In addition, nurse-call alarms are installed in each unit and monitored 24/7 ensuring that emergency medical assistance is immediately available should the need arise. 

Fear #4 Isolation and loneliness 
Village life revolves around a Lifestyle Centre, where our residents spend time socialising, dining or enjoying the many clubs and special-interest groups that meet regularly. These beautifully designed spaces are warm and welcoming and typically include a lounge area, bistro, bar, library, games room, indoor heated pool, gym and entertainment area – everything required to foster authentic community and build lasting friendships. Added to this, each village has a team of friendly, caring staff committed to ensuring that our residents are always well taken care of, feel included in village life, and have everything they need to flourish.

If you’d like to find out more about Evergreen Lifestyle villages and how to help your parents transition into retirement, download our free Good Enough for Mom guide today.