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5 holiday activities to do with your grandkids


With the school holidays fast approaching, you’re likely to be seeing more of your grandchildren in the coming weeks. If you’re not sure how to keep them occupied this summer, here are a few fun holiday activities to do together.

1. Make some festive decorations
Grab some cardboard, paper, brightly coloured markers, glitter, glue and whatever else you can add to your creative toolbox, and get the little ones to make decorations for the tree.

2. Bake some goodies
From biscuits to cupcakes, kids love baking with Grandma and Grandpa. So, find a few easy recipes that you can do together and spend a few fun hours in the kitchen. This is not only your chance to pass down some family favourites, but you’ll also be making memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Have a games day
No holiday is complete without at least one family games day – so haul out your collection, ask your grandchildren to bring over their latest favourites, and indulge in a day of fun. And don’t be reluctant to try something new: from Scrabble and 30 Seconds to Exploding Kittens and Sushi Go!, you’re sure to find something you’ll all enjoy.

4. Go gift shopping
Help your grandchildren experience the joy of giving by taking them shopping for one or two small gifts for their parents. Once they’ve picked out their gifts, help them to wrap them and make an accompanying card. They’ll no doubt be excited to give the presents, and it will come as a lovely surprise to their parents, too.

5. Get into the garden
It’s the perfect time of year to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine, so why not get your grandkids to help you in the garden? Give them one or two fun tasks like planting a few annuals – or even just making mud pies while you do some weeding – and then enjoy a well-earned tea together. Just remember to layer up with hats and sunscreen.