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  • Testimonial

    Jim Raubenheimer

    “People often think – “what the heck am I going to do when I retire?” – but I can tell you there’s not a lot of lot of time for boredom at Evergreen because there’s so much to do with all the clubs and social activities. There’s the gym and library, we have a photographic society and a wine club that meets regularly, we've got a games room where we bridge, chess, Canasta – I haven't seen anybody playing poker or strip poker yet but it could happen I guess.”

  • Testimonial

    Marion Fulton

    “I am without a doubt the number one regular at The Bistro at Evergreen Muizenberg, and the roasts on Sundays are particularly special. I really haven't had to cook since I have been here and that is for 8 years now. It's a pleasure to have the luxury of being looked after so well and it makes the whole experience of living here even more enjoyable. ”

  • Testimonial

    John & Jill Morgan

    “Our biggest fear with growing old was that we’d be a burden to our children, so our move here was more about taking the worry off their shoulders. They live overseas, and they’re always concerned about our health and safety. We knew when we moved to Evergreen that we’d be well looked after because of the exceptional healthcare facilities, and that we’d also be more safe and secure than we were living on our own in a big house. So it all worked according to plan – they’re very happy that we’re here, and so are we!”