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Press Release

The retirement boom has hit and today’s seniors are reshaping what it’s all about. They view retirement as a whole new opportunity to engage with family, community, and the world with vigour and purpose. In short, they see retirement not as the end of life, but just the beginning. Work is soon to begin on the construction and development of Evergreen Village at Val de Vie Estate. Established in 2008, the Evergreen Lifestyle business is the country’s first national retirement brand, boasting a reputation for building and managing exceptional villages and providing a full suite of services in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

This will be the sixth village in the rapidly expanding Evergreen portfolio and its thoughtful design reflects the latest international trends. Arthur Case, CEO of Evergreen Lifestyle, understands better than most that today’s retirees are independent and confident, and therefore highly rates innovation, self-reliance and changes made for the better. “Progressive retirement village operators are setting new standards in their services, care and facilities,” says Case. “Many international golf developments and leisure resorts are opening retirement villages to leverage the tranquility and expanse of their surroundings, as well as their club facilities. Whilst Evergreen gets to do so in arguably the most beautiful valley in the Cape, we bring the know-how of a mature and experienced specialist retirement operator into the equation. This includes the vital components of health care, together with a clear understanding of what today’s retiree wants and needs.”

Evergreen’s National Sales Manager, Philip Wilson expects demand for the Evergreen Val de Vie lifestyle to outstrip supply. “There can be no more perfect place to retire than in the Valley of Life,” Philip believes. “Everything about the valley — the river, the Pearl Valley golf course, the vineyards, the paddocks — is perfectly beautiful.”

Among the advantages of deciding to downscale, freedom from the stress of managing and maintaining one’s own home ranks high, according to Wilson. He adds that the brand’s internationally popular Life Right Purchase model offers many benefits. Evergreen Life Right offers owners the legal right to occupy their homes for the duration of their lives. This right is theirs to sell, or is sold as part of their estate. Importantly, the village and all its facilities remain both an asset and the responsibility of Evergreen. And because the home is an asset both of the resident (via its life right) and Evergreen, it becomes mutually beneficial to keep it – along with the village and its management – in excellent condition. Residents enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of management and maintenance. This allows for residents, or their families, to buy a home with transparent affordable levies which are established two years in advance enabling residents to plan around known costs.

Retirement living is no longer the exclusive preserve of the elderly in this day and age, and empty-nesters are among those jumping at the opportunity to downscale. Philip Wilson concludes, “Today, it’s not how old you grow, but how you grow old, that matters. In selling your home and moving to Evergreen Val de Vie, you will discover an upscale lifestyle that turns life into a carefree adventure. Retirement made perfect, in a nutshell.”

Retirement made perfect
Evergreen Lifestyles operates as an independent company within the Amdec Group. Founded in 1989, Amdec is a privately-owned company with an established reputation as South Africa’s leading developer of New Urban lifestyles. Amdec’s signature developments include the iconic Melrose Arch (Johannesburg), Val de Vie, Pearl Valley, Westbrook (Port Elizabeth), The Yacht Club (Waterfront, Cape Town), Harbour Arch (Cape Town), XtraSpace and The Arch Property Fund.

Evergreen’s expanding portfolio of villages includes its Cape based developments, Evergreen Bergvliet and Evergreen Muizenberg (for which Amdec garnered prestigious awards at the International Property Awards), Evergreen Diep River, Evergreen at Lake Michelle, and Evergreen Broadacres situated in Gauteng. The business has plans to develop more villages in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

Life’s next chapter begins in the Valley of Life
Together, Evergreen Villages and Val de Vie Estate have won 11 International Property Awards. Together they will offer a rare, exciting and hugely fulfilling lifestyle for those fortunate enough to live on the estate. Embark on your next exciting life chapter in the Valley of Life.

It’s your story… a life worth living.

If you’re interested in retiring to Evergreen at Val de Vie, or would like more information, click here.