The caring nature of Melanie Carstens

Our People

Our Muizenberg Village Manager, Melanie Carstens is a born and bred South African with the warmth of Africa running through her veins. One of three children, she was the only daughter and the eldest in a family that always cared for the needs of others. In fact, her dad kept a diary of all the university students who shared their home and she counted 75!

After school, Melanie faced the choice of studying teaching or social work, but felt more attracted to the latter due to her drive to help others. After her studies at the University of the Western Cape, she joined the CPOA (Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged) and during her tenure, was involved with fundraising and managing a conference centre. The first retirement home she managed was Riverside Place and thereafter she joined us as manager at Evergreen Muizenberg.

Melanie cannot believe that she’s been at Muizenberg for 6 years. Looking back, she knows that the road has not always been easy, considering the amount and the rate of the changes, but that the end product and her personal growth over the years make her journey worthwhile. “Long may the generous, vibrant, caring spirit of Evergreen Muizenberg continue,” Melanie says. “I am forever grateful to every single resident for the lessons they have embedded in my life.” We’re pretty sure that Melanie has made a similar impact in the lives of many, and applaud her for still caring after all these years.