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Flexible purchase pricing

Talking Retirement

In today’s ‘no free lunch’ world, the concept of flexible purchase pricing can be difficult to grasp at first mention. Does it mean that there are different purchase prices for the same product? Or that the purchaser can determine the price of a life right on a new Evergreen home or apartment? Actually, both are correct. 

How is this possible? The Evergreen team has listened to the market and exploited the flexibility of the life right product. A standard life right is usually sold at a market-related price and offers to return the original capital to the life right holder’s estate on termination. However, because our prospective purchasers are finding it difficult to sell their family homes in the current weak property market, Evergreen has agreed to discount the price of a life right on a new house or apartment by up to 30%. To make this proposition work, the capital returned to the life right holder’s estate at the termination of the life right is reduced to compensate for the price reduction. 

Being able to move into an Evergreen home at a reduced price will allow you to reduce the price on the sale of your family home and secure a buyer in the current market, leaving you in a cash neutral position. This is only possible due to the financial strength of the Evergreen Group.

I can safely say that Evergreen is the only retirement village developer capable of offering flexible pricing on this scale, making the product unique. Being able to discount the purchase price of a capital item like a retirement home is invaluable to purchasers, and if you’re thinking about buying, I strongly suggest that you give this opportunity serious consideration while it remains an option. 

Even if you’re able to sell your family home, being able to purchase an Evergreen Life Right at a reduced price will allow you to liberate capital to further strengthen your retirement savings. Don’t miss this opportunity!

To find out more about Evergreen Lifestyle and our Partnership for Life promise, please call Sharon on 087 808 7000 or email us at info@evergreenlifestyle.co.za.

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