Try before you buy


I was born a petrolhead and over the years I have worked my way through more cars and motorcycles than I can remember. I purchased very few new vehicles as I found great value in low-mileage used cars, especially brands like BMW and Mercedes. One of my favourite car shopping locations was Robbie Tripp Motors in Diep River. He offered quality vehicles at fair prices as well as good after-sales service.

When Robbie got to know me and saw my eye drawn to a shiny classic car on his floor, he would say, “take it home for the weekend”, knowing that the experience would almost certainly clinch the deal. It usually did. On the few occasions that I came back with a “no thanks”, I was grateful to Robbie for saving me from making a purchase that didn’t suit me. It’s a pity you can’t try before you buy with all major purchases.

We started thinking about this at Evergreen and asked ourselves why we couldn’t allow potential purchasers to trial the Evergreen experience. After working through some logistics, we realised that we could, so we now offer a try-before-you-buy experience to serious prospective purchasers.

If you’re considering purchasing an Evergreen Life Right, come and spend a few days in one of our furnished retirement homes or apartments and experience the Evergreen lifestyle first-hand. Test the accommodation, enjoy meals in the Bistro and dining area, go for walks in the village and join our residents at a bar evening or social activity.

I must warn you, though, that much like my experience with Robbie’s shiny cars, you will find it difficult not to purchase once you’ve become accustomed to the Evergreen lifestyle, met our attentive village staff and enjoyed the company of our vibrant residents.

As the world changes, businesses need to innovate to ensure growth and survival. Evergreen Lifestyle has always made an effort to understand the international retirement market and learn from experts in the field – and we’ve taken bold decisions to meet the needs of our purchasers and residents and grow our brand.

Along with the try-before-you-buy experience, we also recently introduced flexible pricing, and we hope you benefit from both of these innovations. To find out more, please call Sharon on 087 808 7000 or email us at